Public awareness

Raising Awareness: LFMWB’s Campaign for Landscape Fire Resilience

LFMWB recognizes the significance of public awareness and engagement in promoting landscape fire resilience. The Programme launches a dynamic campaign to inform, inspire, and unite communities, stakeholders, and decision-makers. In each WB country, separate campaign concepts and tools are being used based on the communication strategy.

  • Educational Empowerment: The campaign educates communities about landscape fire management (LFM) and the relationship between climate change and landscape fires.
  • Knowledge Gap Bridging: LFMWB empowers communities with information to become proactive stewards of their landscapes.
  • Fire-Resilient Landscapes: The campaign aims to create fire-resilient landscapes where human activity and nature coexist harmoniously.

These activities collectively contribute to effective LFM in the WB, fostering resilience and protecting landscapes and livelihoods.

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