Community-based projects

Community-based projects: Empowering Communities for Landscape Fire Management

In the quest for effective landscape fire management (LFM), fostering community engagement is key to mitigating landscape fire risks and building resilient landscapes. The community-based LFM projects in the Western Balkans (WB) are designed to offer a holistic approach that transfers the accumulated knowledge into practice and combines innovation, collaboration, and strategic planning. The community-based projects are located in the previously identified vulnerable regions to fires. By identifying these vulnerable areas, the efforts will be directed to the landscapes where applying LFM approaches is highly significant. The community-based projects give evidence-based results and shape the LFM guidelines in the decision-making processes. By empowering communities and emphasizing evidence-based practices, the LFMWB Programme paves the way for landscapes and livelihoods to be safeguarded from the devastating impact of fires and build a sustainable path toward effective LFM in the Western Balkans.


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