Capacity building

Building Capacity for a Resilient Future

In the pursuit of effective Landscape Fire Management in the Western Balkans (LFMWB), the emphasis on capacity building stands as a foundation. Recognizing the diverse needs and pivotal roles of its Programme partners, the LFMWB Programme has designed a comprehensive capacity-building approach. This approach includes skill enhancement on the following levels: Country Focal Points (CFP) who are representatives of the Country Partner Institutions (CPI) in WB, Country Project Staff (CPS), the Regional Fire Monitoring Center (RFMC) staff as well as landscape fire management (LFM) stakeholders in the WB.

After conducting a need assessment, LFMWB has developed targeted trainings that encompass various topics such as LFM, communication skills, networking, finances and administration, leadership, etc. By arming CPS, CFP, RFMC and LFM key stakeholders with these skills, LFMWB ensures they are well-equipped to contribute to establishing functional and long-lasting regional and national networks, engage with stakeholders and communities, and facilitate significant change.

The capacity-building of CFP, CPS, and RFMC staff will contribute to addressing current challenges and also foster resilience against future landscape fire threats. In the face of evolving LFM dynamics, the LFMWB Programme remains committed to building the skills and knowledge necessary for fire prevention and a resilient, fire-ready future in the Western Balkans.

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