The LFM in the Western Balkans Programme partners are supported in taking the driving seat to ensure the sustainability of the Programme interventions at a local, national, regional, and international level.

  • The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) is an organization with a core competency in LFM and long track record of extensive collaboration with LFM stakeholders and networks both globally and regionally. As a key project partner, it can offer an important value to the Programme in terms of: providing access to unique knowledge and expertise in the area of the global LFM processes and LFM policy trends, as well as know-how – the most efficient approaches and methodologies for the application of LFM;
  • The Bern University of Applied Sciences (HAFL) and the other Swiss stakeholders will contribute in the project for knowledge exchange on different segments of the landscape fire management from the policy perspective, and particular strategic prevention down to suppression and post fire management, as well as how these different elements are organized and implemented;
  • Regional Fire Monitoring Center (RFMC),  is an organization with a profound expertise in LFM and extensive knowledge of the WB region will offer the Programme expertise and well-established cooperation and communication channels with national stakeholders across the WB region. RFMC will play a key role in stimulating exchange between scientific community and policy makers of the WB region and elucidating science-based evidences to define LFM policy priorities of the countries. Furthermore, it will contribute to establishing fully operational national and regional networks on LFM.

Country Partner Institutions (CPI)

 Together with RFMC, GFMC, HAFL and other Swiss institutions, the Country Partner Institution (CPI) is a project anchor institution crucial for the operational implementation of the project and the promotion of resilient landscapes holistically in the Western Balkans.

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