In Serbia, the existing Landscape Fire Management system involves numerous stakeholders from various ministries, agencies, and organizations.

In Serbia, the existing Landscape Fire Management system involves numerous stakeholders from various ministries, agencies, and organizations. Here’s a concise overview of the major stakeholders within the system:

  1. Ministry of Internal Affairs: Responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing fire protection measures, as well as coordinating with other entities involved in fire protection.
  2. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management: Manages state-owned forests and forest lands, implements forest conservation, and oversees fire protection in forestry.
  3. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Focuses on environmental protection, nature conservation, air protection, climate change, and more.
  4. Serbian Environmental Protection Agency: Manages environmental information systems, monitors air and water quality, and conducts environmental assessments.
  5. Institute for Nature Conservation: Dedicated to protecting and improving Serbia’s natural heritage, including biodiversity, geological resources, and landscapes.
  6. Ministry of Defense: Involved in safety and health at work, environmental protection, and fire and explosion protection within its scope.
  7. Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government: Coordinates public administration reform and plays a role in disaster management.
  8. Public Enterprises for Forest Management: Manages state-owned forests and forest lands.
  9. Public Enterprises National Parks: Oversees and protects Serbia’s national parks.
  10. The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSHC): An intergovernmental humanitarian organization focused on disaster response.
  11. Firefighters Association of Serbia: A voluntary organization that aids in fire protection and the response to disasters.
  12. Republic Geodetic Institute: Deals with geospatial data and geodetic works, including mapping and disaster planning.
  13. Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia: Provides weather and water forecasts, warnings, and information on natural disasters.
  14. Private Forest Owners Associations: Represents the interests of private forest owners.
  15. Mountain Rescue Service: Specializes in rescue operations in challenging terrains.
  16. Institute for Forestry: Engaged in forestry research and forest-related activities.
  17. Institute for Lowland Forestry and the Environment: Conducts research and development in the fields of forestry and environmental protection.
  18. Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Forestry: Educational and scientific institutions with a focus on agriculture, forestry, and related fields.
  19. University of Defense: Provides military education and participates in disaster response efforts.
  20. Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities: Coordinates with local authorities in disaster management.
  21. Chamber of Forestry Engineers: Represents forestry professionals and promotes forest management.
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