The key legal acts and strategies related to landscape fires in Serbia.

The key legal acts and strategies related to landscape fires in Serbia include:


  1. Law on Fire Protection: Regulates the fire protection system and related responsibilities for various entities.
  2. Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Situation Management: Addresses disaster preparedness, response, and climate change adaptation.
  3. Law on Forests: Governs forest conservation, management, and fire protection.
  4. Law on Agricultural Land: Deals with agricultural land planning and protection.
  5. Law on Environmental Protection: Establishes an integrated environmental protection system.
  6. Law on Nature Protection: Focuses on biological, geological, and landscape diversity conservation.
  7. Law on Voluntary Firefighting: Organizes volunteer firefighting efforts.
  8. Law on Local Self-Government: Defines the roles of local government in protection and rescue.
  9. Law on Public Enterprises: Regulates public enterprises and general interest activities.


  1. Fire Protection Strategy: Currently in preparation, this strategy outlines goals, criteria, and measures for fire protection.
  2. National Strategy for Protection and Rescue in Emergency Situations: A comprehensive document for disaster management.
  3. Defense Strategy of the Republic of Serbia: Guides defense resource allocation, including disaster response.
  4. Forest Development Strategy
  5. National Security Strategy
  6. Strategy of Agriculture and Rural Development

Other Bylaws and Regulations:

  1. Rulebook on forest order: Maintains forest order, especially in high-risk areas, and sets rules for forest access.
  2. Methodology on disaster risk assessment and protection and rescue plans preparation.
  3. Decree on mandatory means and equipment for protection against natural disasters.
  4. Decree on the Composition and Mode of Operation of Emergency Staffs.
  5. Rulebook on specialized civil protection units.
  6. Rulebook on fire protection organization by risk category.
  7. Rulebook on specific conditions for fire protection by legal entities.
  8. Regulation on the implementation of evacuation.
  9. Rulebook on the organization and content of fire protection plans.
  10. Nature protection program.
  11. Draft on Spatial Plan.
  12. Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) program.
  13. Draft on adaptation to climate change.

These legal acts and strategies collectively address various aspects of landscape fire prevention, preparedness, and response in Serbia.

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