1. Law on Protection and Rescue:
    • Protection and rescue encompass a set of measures and actions aimed at detecting and preventing hazards, as well as mitigating and eliminating the consequences of natural disasters, technological accidents, radiological, chemical, and biological contamination, war damage, terrorism, epidemics, epizootics, epiphytotics, and other disasters that may threaten or endanger the population, property, and the environment.
  2. Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction:
    • The strategy focuses on raising awareness among citizens, strengthening risk management capacities for natural and other disasters, integrating disaster risk reduction into policies, programs, and plans, and creating disaster-resilient communities.
  3. Law on Nature Protection:
    • This law regulates the protection and conservation of biological, geological, and landscape diversity as part of the environment. It includes measures for mitigating the harmful effects of activities in nature, including forest fires.
  4. Law on Environmental Protection:
    • This law establishes an integrated system for environmental protection to ensure the right to a healthy environment while balancing economic development and environmental preservation in Montenegro.
  5. Law on Forests:
    • This law regulates the cultivation, protection, conservation, and improvement of forests, as well as planning, conditions for forest use, construction, and maintenance of forest roads, forest monitoring, and other matters related to forests and forestry.


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