LFM guidelines


  • Inclusion of the principles of Landscape Fire Management (LFM) in the Spatial plan of the Republic of North Macedonia and Operational and management plans (in all planning documents);
  • Compliance of the legal regulations with the LFM principles;
  • Enabling conditions for providing trainings for LFM;
  • Improvement in inter-institutional communication and cooperation;
  • Involvement of local authorities and communities in the LFM;
  • Strengthening the capacities of decision-makers in the forestry sector;
  • Implementing new technologies, including digitalization and best practices;
  • Addressing inter-institutional competence overlaps with systematic solutions;
  • Enhancing supervision, control, and enforcement by competent institutions;
  • Conducting targeted media campaigns and early education on LFM principles, with an emphasis on prevention, for young children;
  • Establishing a structured landscape fire prevention education system at various organizational levels;
  • Adopting a National LFM Plan;
  • Allocating a dedicated budget for institutions involved in the LFM system;
  • Introducing a unified system, along with data collection methods and maintaining fire registers at both regional and national levels in North Macedonia;
  • Involvement of private forest owners in the LFM efforts in North Macedonia.
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