Legislation Governing Landscape Fire Management in the Republic of Srpska

In the Republic of Srpska, several key legislative documents are related to landscape fire management:
  1. Law on Fire Protection: This law establishes the fire protection and prevention system in the Republic of Srpska. It outlines standards, requirements, rights, and obligations related to fire protection for companies, entities, and individuals. It covers technical fire protection measures, organization of mandatory fire protection, fire service, supervision, and financial aspects.
  2. Forest Development Strategy: To ensure balanced forest management, this strategy guides the development of forestry in the Republic of Srpska. It aims to integrate stakeholders, including government, the private sector, and local communities. The strategy emphasizes sustainable forestry development and is currently under revision for 2022-2032.
  3. Nature Protection Strategy: Aligned with the Environmental Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this document addresses various environmental aspects, including biodiversity, nature preservation, climate change, and more. It sets priorities and measures for environmental improvement, compliance with EU regulations, and gender and social equality.
  4. Law on Forests: This law regulates forest policy, administration, management, and land use in the Republic of Srpska. It covers forest protection, financing, Forest Agency duties, property relations, and more. It applies to all types of forests and land, emphasizing their importance and protection.
  5. Law on Nature Protection: Providing rules for natural, biological, geological, and landscape diversity protection, this law aims to maintain and improve biodiversity. It classifies institutions and individuals based on their roles in nature protection and strives for the prevention of activities harming nature.
  6. Law on National Parks: This law focuses on the protection, development, and sustainable use of national parks within the Republic of Srpska.
  7. Law on Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development: This law defines the framework for agriculture and rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensuring competitiveness, quality, and EU compliance.
  8. Law on Environmental Protection: This law aims to reduce environmental pollution, protect human health, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable development. It encourages public participation and cooperation, aligning with international environmental agreements.
  9. Law on Spatial Planning and Construction: This law regulates spatial planning, construction standards, permits, and technical documentation in the Republic of Srpska, ensuring organized and sustainable land use.
  10. Law on Agricultural Land: Governing the planning, protection, and management of agricultural land, this law promotes its safe and sustainable use.
To meet EU obligations, forestry legislation and administrative arrangements in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina must align with EU Directives and Regulations, incorporating content from various directives and regulations related to conservation, protection, and sustainable management of natural resources.  
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