5th LFM Network Meeting: Advancing LFM Strategy in Montenegro


As part of SDC’s Landscape Fire Management in the Western Balkans Programme, coordinated by Farmahem, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Economy (MAFWE), with support from the Regional Fire Monitoring Center (RFMC), organized the fifth meeting of the National Landscape Fire Management (LFM) Network in Montenegro. The meeting, held on May 14, 2024, in Podgorica, brought together over 10 representatives from various sectors including science, practice, and policy to discuss and enhance the LFM National Strategy.

The event opened with remarks by Mr. Srđan Pejović, LFMWB Country Focal Point (CFP) in Podgorica, who emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in managing landscape fires. The primary objectives of the meeting were to review the National LFM Strategy and to discuss the LFM Gap Analysis Report. This provided a platform for participants to share insights and propose improvements to the LFM documents.

During the meeting, Mr. Srđan Šašić, LFMWB Country Project Staff, presented the progress on the National LFM Strategy and reviewed the LFM Gap analysis report, highlighting key achievements and areas needing further development. The participants engaged in discussions on crucial topics such as regional and international cooperation, transforming LFM strategy into actionable plans, and drafting an LFM action plan.

Group work sessions facilitated in-depth discussions, enabling participants to contribute their expertise on regional cooperation and action planning. Each group presented their findings, which will inform the development of more robust and effective LFM National Strategy.

The meeting concluded with a session summarizing the workshop’s outcomes and outlining the next steps in developing the discussed LFM National Strategy. The collaboration and active participation of all attendees underlined the commitment to enhancing landscape fire resilience in Montenegro and the broader Western Balkans region.

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