4th LFM Network Meeting: Advancing LFM Strategy Development in the Republic of Srpska


In the framework of the SDC’s Landscape Fire Management in the Western Balkans Programme (LFMWB), the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska, in collaboration with the Regional Fire Monitoring Center (RFMC), organized the 4th workshop of the Landscape Fire Management (LFM) network in the Republic of Srpska on February 22, 2024. The workshop aimed to gather stakeholders and experts to discuss and develop a Strategy for Adaptive Landscape Management and LFM at the level of the Republika Srpska.

Representatives from over 20 institutions in science, practice, and policy sectors contributed by reviewing and providing feedback on the Gap Analysis and the draft LFM Strategy. Throughout the workshop, participants focused on jointly developing the strategy through group activities and discussions, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive LFM strategy. Their discussions highlighted the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration for creating fire-resilient landscapes.

During the group work, the main topics included protective landscape functions, biodiversity conservation, and LFM’s impact on climate change. Additionally, participants discussed LFM and socioeconomic aspects, focusing on its role in rural development, poverty reduction, and community well-being. Each group presented their findings and conclusions.

As the workshop concluded, participants jointly agreed to sustain efforts in strengthening the LFM network of the Republic of Srpska, nurturing ongoing knowledge exchange and experience sharing related to the development of the LFM strategy.

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