Enhancing Networking and Communication Skills in the Frame of the Landscape Fire Management in the Western Balkans Programme


The Networking and Communication Training, held from 12th to 16th of June 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia, marked a significant milestone in advancing networking skills, communication, and stakeholder involvement within the framework of the SDC’s Landscape Fire Management in the Western Balkans (LFMWB) Programme. The Regional Executive Agency (REA-Farmahem) of the LFMWB Programme organized the training in collaboration with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

The primary objective of this training was to equip participants with strategies for establishing and maintaining networks, fostering collaborations and effective communication, as well as stakeholder involvement and management. By enhancing networking skills, the training aimed to empower participants to establish valuable connections that contribute to the collective efforts in landscape fire management.

The Networking and Communication Training, led by experienced trainers Nenad Celarevic and Masa Babic, witnessed active participation from 18 Programme partners. Throughout the training, the participants had the opportunity to dive into various topics and engage in interactive sessions. They explored proven techniques for building strong professional networks, learned how to effectively communicate their ideas, and discovered innovative approaches to stakeholder involvement. The training emphasized the importance of collaboration and understanding among stakeholders in the context of the LFMWB Programme. The participants gained valuable insights into engaging stakeholders and fostering collaboration at local, national, and international levels. The training highlighted the significance of clear messaging, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving in promoting effective communication among diverse stakeholders.

Moreover, the Networking and Communication Training not only provided a platform for skill development but also fostered a sense of community, collaboration, and team building among the participants. The exchange of ideas, experiences, and lessons learned during the training will contribute to the ongoing efforts in landscape fire management, ultimately working towards safer and more resilient landscapes.

As the participants return to their respective roles and institutions, they carry with them a wealth of knowledge and insights gained during the training. Armed with enhanced networking and communication skills, they are better equipped to forge partnerships, engage stakeholders, and drive positive change in landscape fire management practices. By investing in the development of networking and communication skills, the participants are better prepared to address the complex challenges posed by landscape fire management.

In addition, a Digitalization Workshop was held on the 15th of June 2023, where the LFMWB Programme partners had the opportunity to delve into the realm of digital solutions. This interactive workshop facilitated conversations between the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI) team and the participants, exploring potential digitalization avenues for different aspects of the LFMWB Programme. The workshop aimed to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the digitalization potentials and possible solutions tailored specifically for the LFMWB Programme.

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